Social Media Intelligence
Business Challenge
- Audience targeting and prospecting
- Product innovation
- Brand positioning 
- Competitor intelligence
- Content marketing  
- Media channel optimization
With the growing popularity of Weibo, WeChat and Douyin (Tik Tok), China's social media landscape is arguably the most dynamic, unique and fascinating one in the world. Today, no brand doing business in China can ignore social marketing, which is widely expected to drive the direction of brand marketing in the forthcoming years. We believe that social media intelligence will increasingly become an integral part of broad market intelligence tools that will help companies to identify market opportunity and enhance customer experience. With strong analytical platform and meticulous analytical capability, we provide multiple social media stratigic consulting services for companies and institutions.  
Research Solution
- Customer profiling and segmentation
- Competitor intelligence 
- Customer feedback on product and brand
- Customer insights
- KOL services
- Trend monitoring
- Media strategy
- Customer success strategy
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & 
Mom &
Baby Care
Apparel & Accessory
Tavel & Holiday 
Consumer Electronics