Our Service Philosophy
With over a decade of experience, we provide on-the-ground strategic research and consulting services for a broad range of industries and sectors in both China and overseas. By leveraging both primary and secondary sources, we perform in-depth research and analysis, aiming to offer a holistic business perspective. All our work typically goes beyond intelligence into true insights and strategic recommendations.
Key Research Issues
Assess entry barriers, key success factors, competitive landscape and the competitive advantages of major companies
Assess market risks and opportunities
Assess the macroeconomic environment and business environment of China and overseas markets, as well as their in-depth impact on industries and companies
Assess the sector growth prospect, development trend, business model, industrial chain/value chain
1. Customized Research
Product and Service
- Based on the specific research needs, we provide customized research solutions, including but not limited to the following research areas:

- Industry Overview
- Market Feasibility Study 
- Business Model
- Regulatory Policy
- Public and Private Profiling
- Product/Price/Channel Strategy Study 
- Best Business Practice 
- Business Partner Screening
2. Interview Service On Behalf Of Client
- Based on the specific research needs of clients, draw up an interview outline; select, set up an appointment, and conduct expert interviews; submit interview notes and summary reports
3. Field Research
- Store check: conduct field research on different retail formats in various cities, collect information on product, brand, and promotion, to update clients with the latest market performance of its own and competitors, as well as new product trends.
- In-depth interview: According to customer needs, conduct on-site inspections and in-depth interviews with consumers, channel partners, suppliers, corporate management and employees, aiming to obtain first-hand research information and industry insights, to provide support for clients' decision-making.
4. Sydicate Research
- Based on customer needs and industry hotspot topics, eChina Insights regularly publish various types of industry analysis reports.
Typical Project